LaFinBox participe au Paris Fintech Forum

28 janvier 2019

The 4th Edition of Paris Fintech forum will be held in France capital on January 29th and 30th at Palais Brongniart in Paris, France.

Organized by the advisory firm specialized in Strategy & Innovation, Altéir, with the support of more than 60 international partners, the previous 2018 edition gathered 2’600 attendees from not less than 72 countries for 2 days in the heart of Paris. The attendees had the privileges to listen to more than 240 CEO’s from banks, insurance, telcos, regulators and Fintechs from all around the world.

It is worth mentioning that the event organizer, Altéir, located in the 8th “Arrondissement” has been working in specific fields such as banks, insurance, telcos, Fintech & digital finance with more than 300 missions for 80+ customers in Europe & Asia. Its founder, Laurent Nizri, graduated from the Institut polytechnique de Grenoble is leading Acsel, a digital economy association bringing together almost 200 companies, public bodies from all sectors and partners.

If you have just a bit of metrics to remember for this special event, here are the ones not to forget:

- +220 CEO Speakers (Président Directeur Général in French speaking)

- 150 Fintechs on stage (Where Technologies embrace Finance or vice versa…)

- 60 Countries

- +2’600 Attendees

- 120 Exhibitors

Paris Fintech Forum mission is clear as crystal and unchanged from previous years: be and stay the most exclusive digital finance & fintech event in Europe.

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